Hello world!

Well, we did it.

We made an offer on a slice of future paradise and our offer has been accepted (pending the sale of our current home, as this is a big financial deal for our family). So, there’s still a slim chance this could all fall through, but I hope not, and I’m looking forward to sharing the journey with you.

The place has a beauty all it’s own to begin with, but I mean it when I say “Watch this space”. I’ve got an extensive list of plans for the place, including planting fruit trees and a vege garden to feed our family and guests, and creating a New Zealand native pocket of paradise. The plan is to plant native trees, shrubs, etc that will in turn attract NZ birds, frogs, insects, and bees (non-native fully welcomed!). In amongst all that, I will indulge myself with a couple of miniature horses.

One of the first things we will do is offer our home to couch surfers. We look forward to hosting guests visiting Dunedin and hearing your travel stories.

Part of the longer term plan is to build a “Writer’s Retreat” cottage, with its own private garden, for guests who wish for a little peace and quiet to hire for short periods.

And, who knows? Maybe down the track someone will like to have their wedding at our home (conveniently situated across the road from a B&B, and only a 15-20 minute drive to the centre of Dunedin itself). I may even get signed up as a celebrant myself…

There’s a sizable deck, and my husband plays in a rock band, so I also envision a few concerts over the years… anyone want to bring a tent and camp out?

The property offers us a few challenges as owners (oooh, I love a challenge), with a few damp patches that we will work to either encompass into the overall plan (frog pond, mini wetland), or dry out as much as we can.

So… here is my dream. Join me on it…

Loose plan for garden and pasture

Here is a loose plan to begin with… although, I envision a much more intricate garden design as time allows.

Other plans include:

  • A walking/miniature horse carting track
  • A place for the horses to drink from the shallow creek where their hooves won’t chop it up (strengthening the ground and putting obstacles in their way in other places (rocks, thick shrubs…)
  • Hedging to reduce highway noise (yes, that road near the centre is State Highway 1). We’ve lived by it for years without the benefit of a slice of paradise.