NB: No AirBnB for now, as we need a helping hand more than we need money (although, that would be nice, too!).

This page is to go along with our listing on To hopefully reduce the need for me to keep turning our listing on and off, I am providing a calendar here that I will use to advise when we are or are not available to accommodate guests.



Find below our HelpX listing:

We just moved onto our lifestyle block in February and there’s plenty of work to do!

Tasks we’d be looking for some help with:

* Horse care (grooming, water, basic training from the ground).
* Chicken egg collecting & nest/shed maintenance
* Re-establishing a vege garden
* Getting started with some native planting
* Cooking and cleaning-up duties
* Assisting with childcare
* Collecting firewood/kindling from around the property
* Cutting more firewood
* Making us a wardrobe, should you happen to have carpentry skills…
* Car washing
Optional extra:

* Assisting with a project car (’83 Toyota Corona to V8)
We’re a married couple with two young boys (5yrs and 18 weeks as I type this).

Lindsay is an electronic security and fire alarm technician and business manager who plays in a rock band by night.

Debbie is an author of fantasy novels, as well as a mum, and business partner with Lindsay.

We both love rock music, and TV shows such as Blacklist and Vikings.

Josh is obsessed with Iron Man and robots.

We don’t need a strict 4hrs+ work each day, just a hand around the place, keeping things tidy and feeding everyone while mum may be busy with the children. Help with the children while mum gets work done is also totally acceptable.

Lindsay works in town (Dunedin city) and Debbie heads in twice daily on weekdays for school drop-off and pick-up for the 5-year-old, so your own excursions can readily be arranged if you wish to explore our lovely city. A special day-trip to see the Otago Peninsula (Wildlife Capital of NZ), or other parts of the region is possible.

We currently have one dog, one cat, four horses (two full-sized yearling fillies, a Welsh pony yearling colt, and one 8yr miniature gelding, so no adult riding yet), a peacock and peahen, two free-range chickens and the rooster that keeps them happy. As you can guess, a certain comfort with children and animals is a must.
The house is 100 years old with a few modifications over the years. Central heating is provided by a wetback fire and/or heat pump. There is a second fire in the lounge. The home has 3 bedrooms plus an office. While our youngest is in mum & dad’s room, his room is free! We have spare beds in single, double, and queen sizes, so can set one+ up to suit single, couple, or small family in one room (Note: the room is big enough to fit the queen, double, and single all at once, so a family is welcome).
We’d be looking for an extra pair of hands around the place just to lighten the load. We’re easy-going and hope you would be too. No set hours, is what we’re saying. Come prepared to help out, and we’ll try to make your stay pleasant. We would plan to integrate you into our family life during your stay.
Non-smokers only, please.

If you have your own car, that’s a bonus (especially if a couple or group). We have a family car, so can usher you around a little, but we also have two car seats in it… one can be removed during school hours only. Mum has a love of sharing Dunedin’s delights, so, if you want to check out the Wildlife Capital of New Zealand, and New Zealand’s City of Literature, we might just be the host for you.


* Unlimited WiFi available
* Cell-phone reception reasonable
* Books, books, and more BOOKS!
* Community library nearby
* Excellent cafe short drive away
* Beach walks short drive (or 1 hour walk) away
* Monthly market days nearby (1st Sunday)
* The best little city just ~15mins drive away

Our dietary preferences (excluding the picky 5-year-old):
Broad, and no allergies. Let us know if you have specific requirements and we will do our best to accommodate.