Welcome 2017

Well, here we are. It’s 2017.

2016 certainly had its ups and downs for us.

We moved into our new property in February 2016. We’ve started living our dream, and paying the price with a massive mortgage.

To our family, we welcomed standardbred-cross horses Lorde (bay–darker) and Fern (buckskin–paler):

Lorde and Fern horses

Later in the year, we said goodbye to Fern, as we needed a little cash. She now lives in Invercargill.

We also welcomed Welsh Pony (3/4) cross (1/4 Kaimanawa) Diego:

His perlino colouring and beautiful proportions make him quite the stunner.

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Here we are…

Not only have we finally moved in, but we’ve been here two weeks! My goodness, how time flies.

The move went about as smoothly as could be expected for a family with far too much stuff, five-year-old and 11-week-old boys, and a dog, and a cat to move.¬†Actually, it went very well. Pixie (the cat) arrived around 10.30pm, just before Lindsay’s cousin Heidi & family (husband Allan, and daughter Grace) pulled in to stay for the weekend. Needless to say, Pixie spent a good chunk of the weekend under the house. But, the point is, she stayed, and once we had the house to ourselves, she settled in very well.

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