At the moment, Pony Playland is really just a family home with a really big backyard, a few ponies, chickens, peafowl (peacock and his family), cats, and a dog.

But we have DREAMS! The main theme of which is that we can’t keep this place to ourselves!

Our goal is to create a space where we can potentially host birthday parties, weddings, business meetings, and possibly even Equine Assisted Therapy sessions. And Christmas shindigs.

Our first step is to develop a healthy track-system for our ponies so they can be Calm and Healthy and ready to play. Part of the track will encircle an “arena” of nearly half an acre, which will be able to be customised for different events as necessary.

Next, we want to grow pockets of native trees and flaxes that our pony track will wend its way through, encouraging native birds and creating a sense of bliss right beside the motorway.

We will also be looking into planting some food-bearing trees. We already have apples and pears, as well as a few cherries and plums. We would like to look into bringing almonds to Dunedin as, not only are the nuts great for humans, the husks are a healthy source of fibre for horses! Double-whammy!

Of course, all this is dependent on us being able to find funds over and above those we require to get by day-by-day. We’re working on that bit now…

So, Watch This Space as we share our journey via our BLOG, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ pages

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